You Are the Universe by: Tyrone Mason

You Are The Universe. Knowledge you are the sun of your universe. You are one with the universe because you are the universe. you are the light anything you think or do can be achieved because you are the light of your universe. You have to have knowledge of yourself and your universe.That means always challenge yourself and other people as well as knowing who you are and as a individual. Never settle for something less than reaching your full potential. Knowledge is infinite look around you you are surrounded with knowledge so use it. Learn something once you learn something learn more because the more you learn the more you earn. You will see that you the light and it starts with you. 2 Wisdom Once you have knowledge of yourself and your universe. You have to apply it. If you know how to do something in particular or have a thought make it a reality. Never lose your imagination put your imagination into works because your peers, family as well as the world will see your viewpoint of your vision. That's why you have to be applicable in everything you do. Dream have a vision or goal set your standards high so if you do fall short you have a good foundation to stand on.Your making your dream a reality that is wisdom. Wisdom is showing yourself and your peers that you have an understanding of what you want to do and accomplish. Wisdom can show you your full potential to your peers as well as your family. 3 Understanding is the best part. Understanding is to have a true relationship of what you created. When you and your peers have a understanding of something you guys have an experience in life to accomplish your goals. Understanding is to see things for what they really are and how you can create or develop a realization of your universe. If you have a vision and you want to accomplish something paint that perfect picture and when you do people will get a understanding of what and how you see things. Understanding can motivate your peers to do something from the things you have accomplish. Also opening up opportunities for yourself and others. 4 Culture when you accomplish something or create something people will see how you live and appreciate life. Your viewpoint always be committed in whatever you do. You get what you put in the world. Create a movement with that, that will be your culture people will live by it, support it, and eventually the world will know about it. The way you think will determine how you act and the way you live. Make sure the way you live corresponds with your work ethic. Your culture or the way you live will help you know about yourself. Culture is your history the more you know about your history the more you will find your purpose in life. Your universe will be more dynamic from before. 5 Power when you find your purpose in life. That is what you call power. Power is to reach people your family and the world. The majority of your power comes from within. You are the light, you are sun of your universe. Always motivate people and help as well as yourself and your peers because with that comes power. Be a role model be superior to your peers setting a good example on how to act and what to do and how to achieve. Always be positive in your actions and you will see how your will evolve. Power is your character your character is what people see and how people are going to view and accept. Power is your light of the universe. 6 Equality Once you have a understanding of who you are and what you want to do. You have to show equality. Don't be afraid to learn from anybody knowledge is infinite. What you do learn teach your friends and your family that is equality. Show equality in everything you do because that is showing how dynamic you are. Gain knowledge of yourself your peers and your situations. Equality is allowing you have control and having control of your situations. You are the sun of your universe so show balance spirituality,emotionally, physically and mentally. Some of the great leaders of the world were once great followers. Be a leader and have a plan to enlighten people. When you accomplish things you are are letting people see your equality and be apart of your universe. 7 You (The Universe) its going to be apart of your life the times are going to be hard or you might feel stressful or overwhelmed. I tell you don't give up. You are the sun let your light shine always even if you are having a bad day. The sun is the foundation of our universe so be the foundation and let your light shine and be in control of actions and your like. Be the lucky number 7 its a prime number, you are the prime and don't let yourself or anybody divide you into something less than your true full potential. Let your light shine and always be proactive elevate and progress everyday. 8 Build your Universe. Knowledge is everything in existence, everything in the world came from a persons thought or idea. Never lose your imagination, create something the world needs your point of view. That is going to make you become extraordinary and help you find your purpose in life because you are thinking outside the box. Leave a legacy for yourself and your family build with positivity and love, people that are negative leave them alone. Focus on your universe which is yourself and your family. Be your universe you are the foundation of your life so excel, succeed, transform and love. How dynamic do you want to be? 9 Born Building your universe is not going to be easy, you have to have your friends and your family on the same accord. Bring them along with you because theyre input is going to make your universe better. They're going to help you and give you insight of what you need to make better. To make you and your universe better and bigger.Remember your build is going to take process so have patience and put your best effort on the floor and don't give up. For every action there is a reaction you get what you put in your universe. Build your universe especially build your mind. Be dynamic be fearless and as well be creative. Let the world know your light so you can touch as many people as possible. Born your universe and be the foundation of it as well.
You are the Universe
Tyrone Mason


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