Be Something Greater by Samuel Porter

Our crys into the night go unheard., The screams of black mother and fathers fall on death ears., children of black and brown hue fear being their own skin tone.., living in this white man world where the only justice we get is injustice. they have pave this road of America with the blood of our people with the pain of our people with the struggle of our people for their own personal gain.., when will enough be enough.. when will the world wake up and see that the only way we will gain equality is by war.. we must use education as the bullets to our guns. Everyday I wake up looking at a steel door. I understand that I'm in a fight for my life. I'm in a fight for my sanity. I'm in a fight for my freedom. I'm in a fight for the next black generation of black man and black woman who lack a understanding of who they really are. Who have been given nothing but the wrong foods since they were birth through the womb into a world of systematic oppression. We have black man who love to fight and kill over things that hold no value but won't fight the battle of being an foundation in the black house hold. "By the time we're old enough to stop being ashamed of our father, we have children who are old enough to be ashamed of us." - Larry King... America breed a lot of things but being a black father is not one of them.. we have beautiful black woman who has no since of self worth that are the most caring and nurturing people in the world who spend their time chasing nothing ass niggas trying to fill a hole left by a fatherless pain willing to let their childern fen for themselves trying to gain approval from someone who don't understand what love is. this is the culture we have let into our heart this is the culture we let rear our childern.. we give them no hope or very little.., so let me ask you this question how far away do you think we are from slavery?? they took the chains off only to let us put on another one.. one that we would like take pride and ownership in. but does more damage then the first one.. how far can the black and brown civilization go in a land that is not their own .. I have a quote from the KKK in the 1920's "we are interpreting the spirit of every true white American.. we are honest enough to say certain things that other don't care to say.In a nutshell you have a situation what is the use of staying outside not to understanding the attitude and lambasting those people who are in power. Sentiment cannot put down the Kkk newspapers is expressing the feeling of over 950,000 people. No law can put down the prejudice of a rare you may legislate between now and eternity if I hate you no law in this world can make me love you. If I'm perjudice against you for reason no law construction in this world can make me change my attitude towards you end quote." We don't fight for political and economic freedom or social equality we fight to be accepted in a world that has rapped, beat and killed everything we hold close as a people. when will the black man rise up once again to clam his spot as king as a leader and stop being just another nigga left in the blind when will the black woman see her self as a queen and stop just making do and start loving her self know her worth and understand that your flaws can be fixed and that your imperfections make you perfect real love comes from within .. we have fell for the trick that the greatest power In this world is outside of self.. only when you gain the knowledge of self do you start to understand the universe and what must be done we can no longer run from our problems or let drugs and sex heal our wombs.. its time we look into the mirror put our problems on the table and start coming up with sum answers we're not in it alone working together is our greatest weapon showing that we stand soild on one foundation.. to many times have we let the outside world choose our path for us. to many times have we let others define who we are by our failures and not our success.. this is why people hold on to pass they can't understand their own joy and happiness cause all they ever felt was pain and suffering change is something you can't stop so why fight a losing battle niggas fear what they can't physically beat so trapped in a box its hard to be the unlike thinker.. fear was never meant to stop you from doing what was ment to be done but something overcome fear was only a tools used to put limits on your self... pick a side to many walking a thin line sooner or later life will pick for you dont wait into its to late stop loving the nothing... build something greater be something great


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