Keep. Inspired. and Never. Give. - Up

K.I.N.G. Quent, is more than just a name. Its a message to myself, a constant reminder to Keep Inspired and Never Give (up or in).

For me, every man that comes into the understanding that their life is in their own hands, in that moment, becomes a king. A king appointed by God itself. God gave man the duty and responsibility to govern Creation, and man is the zenith of Creation. So the first task that man is appointed to do is to rule himself, his body, desires, appetites, etc. So we see that man is a ruler by birthright but until he accepts this truth he has not acceded to the throne.

Once this is accepted then the real work begins. In order to govern yourself you must first determine what rules you will live by. This means you have to examine and consider what principles and beliefs are important to you and which are not; which are beneficial and which are harmful. Depending on the mind of the king, this can be a lifelong process or one that requires little thought at all. The wisest of kings will take Universal Laws as their pattern.

A king must also develop the discipline to abide by his laws. This is equivalent to establishing the borders of his kingdom and protecting them. A wise king will establish limits in everything he does and make sure those limits are respected by himself and others. If he's wise he won't ever tell others to do what he wouldn't do himself. That's the importance of protecting the borders. Opposing forces show the king his strengths and weaknesses. It brings reality to his ambitions and teaches compassion and understanding.

Being a king, for me, has nothing to do with arrogance or wealth. Being a king is about having the internal fortitude to take your life in your hands and rule it. Once you can do this then you are responsible for all of the people in your kingdom-- your family, employees, etc. So when I think about, a king is really a servant of the people. The decisions you make are not just about you anymore. It's like Uncle Ben told Spider-Man, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Heavy is the Head.

Peace K.I.N.G.


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