JUSTICE!! By Damien Barner

The European/American idea of justice is limited to the punishment of wrong doers, therefore it could never be a device to correct errors or establish preventative measures to lower the crime rate of a given community. The European/American idea of justice can be summed up in the following analogy: A person offends by violating a prescribed law, so the offender is beaten with a stick. The person continues to offend; the government says beat him harder. "Oh, he's still offending? Get a bigger stick!" The idea that more legislation or harsher sentencing has proved not to mitigate crime nor "correct" criminal behavior.
This folly behind the Euro-American idea justice does not balance the scales, nor does it cure the problem behind crime. Therefore, any so-called activist who advocates "letting the system work" either does not have the interest of the people at heart, or is ignorant of the flaws within the Euro-American idea of justice. Continuing to "let the system work" is tantamount to believing that if a person is poisoned by a substance then he could be cured by the same dosage of that exact substance. Clearly, the "system" is not working toward the benefit of the impoverished communities across America. It does not correct errors, nor does it properly compensate those who have taken a loss or been injured. Its answer to dealing with the poor people of the ghettos is mass incarceration and public executions by law enforcement.
People are not inherently evil. Events that transpire in one's life causes one to act out in malice. The science of psychology bears testimony to the fact that a personality is the product of life experiences, the environment it developed in, and the influence of the other personalities it has encountered throughout its life. This is the basis for the saying, "hurt people hurt people". When this is taken into consideration we can begin to see criminal behavior for what it truly is --- a psychological defect, or mental illness.
Like any other mental illness the diagnosis is made by tracing the symptoms to their point of origin. In this case the criminal behavior is traced to the purpose of the action, the thought that preceded the action, then the experience in life which would allow the mind to condone such a thought. This means that if we were to take this seriously, then we would have to provide a therapist or some sort of counseling to get at the root of the criminal behavior. This would take introspection on the part of the patient. Sometimes there maybe a desperation for survival that may trigger criminal behavior. This also must be explored. When the diagnosis is made there must be a solution provided that not only corrects the criminal behavior, but also eliminates the desire or need for recidivism. This can range from fighting addiction, to economic deficiency, or even personal or emotional issus. At any rate, simply locking up an individual repeatedly or for long stretches of time solves nothing and is costly to the community. While they are incarcerated and once they are released back into society they remain a liability to the public. This is a case of treating the symptoms and not curing the disease. If punitive aspect of the prison system was abolished and replaced by an in-patient therapeutic c
program there is no doubt that we would see a significant lowering in the rate of criminal behavior.
The ancient Khemetians had a great understanding for the law of cause and effect, because Ma'at is the reality that governs all the laws of the universe. She is actually what keeps harmony within a universe of contending forces. Beneath the appearance of opposites lies an orderly scheme leading to some effect. Opposites attract, which means that the coming together of two opposing forces will bring about some change that is synthesized by, yet different from, the two forces. Since the universe around them was so orderly and seemed to function so perfectly, they took it as a paradigm as to how they should conduct their lives.
When we seek JUSTICE we should be seeking to balance the scales of truth. Since there is no way to bring our loved ones from the bosom of death the only way to do this is to give their passing meaning by making it a catalyst for change, as when a sheaf of wheat falls from its stalk onto the dirt only to decay and fertilize the soil to feed newly grown wheat. This means that we have to take the opposing force of a negative situation and combine it with a positive and constructive action to bring about a solution. Fighting fire with fire only makes more fire and destruction. Plus, their is not a strong unified front to fight in that way. You will be out gunned and out maned. In other words you will just get smoked! Remember, it is the uniting of opposites that creates.
A more logical an beneficial way toward a solution is through the boycott of parts of the economy that concern the financial interests of government officials, and gain control over the politics of our respective states. This means that we will have to get into realms of society that we are rarely seen in, in order to have a voice and power. We need to become agents within law enforcement, judges and politicians in order to support the interest of Melanoid people, here in America. Not only do we need to be in these positions, we also need to act in these positions from a JUST (Ma'at) perspective. Not from a Euro-American perspective. We need MA'AT! Hetep! Ankh Nekti! Spread the word!


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