From Victim to Criminal by: Lord Serious

In case you did not know people...It has always been illegal to be Black in America! So I find it as no surprise that body-cam footage showing Ahmaud Arbery being detained by police twice, suddenly gets leaked to the press anonymously.

There is very little difference between the mainstream media and law enforcement. They both are puppets for the same regime. Mainstream media and law enforcement are just two different arms being controlled by the same head.

They both work for the White elite businessman. It's the job of mainstream media to promote his ideology and propaganda, and it's law enforcement's job to use the threat of physical force to coerce Blacks into complying whenever the propaganda doesn't work.

It's nothing more than an extortion con. One guy acts nice and brings you the news that you're about to get robbed by the bully. He tells you he can keep you safe if you'll let him help you out.

Don't agree then the bully comes to push you around. He will keep beating you up and taking your things until you comply. This happens to the weak all of the time in prison, and it is no different out there. America does the same thing to the Black man.

Some guys who come into the system with a little money are green to the scam; they're naive; they don't even realize that the negotiator and the bully are working together. So they start paying for protection, never knowing that they're paying both of them.

The mainstream media is the nice guy or negotiator. They bring us the news and keep us informed. We pay for satellite TV packages or cable TV packages with all sorts of news channels. Black people trust what they tells us, because we believe they are protecting us.

Law enforcement is the bully pushing us around. Police brutality has become so widespread and ruthless that we finally reached a point where we will do whatever the media tells us to do just to stop the abuse.

As soon as the media endorses some civil rights attorney, police commissioner, politician, or political analyst by giving them camera time, we are so afraid and panic stricken that we buy into whatever they tell us. If they say it's a Civil Rights violation and the officer will be convicted. We believe them! If they say putting body cameras on police will deter this kind of behavior. We believe them! If they say Black mothers need to train their sons to become more submissive to the White man's domination. We believe them!

We always believe them when they say they can solve the problem for us. But they can't and they won't. And I'm going to tell you WHY! You see you don't understand how this con works.

The negotiator will only call the bully off for a little while then when you least expect it, he will renegotiate a new deal with a new bully and raise the price on you. He always finds some reason to tax you. There's always a new threat, or something unforeseen has happened that makes it more difficult to protect you. Some of his guys aren't happy they want more money, or he didn't know you had problems with so and so.

But if you don't comply then guess what? That's right! Here comes the bully pushing you around all over again, and it just goes on and on. Neither the negotiator or the bully can save you from this abuse, why would they? The more they can put you through this, the more they both will get paid.

No, you need to get to the man who sent them. There is always a man behind the scenes in the extortion game. It has to be this way, because if you knew who all the players were, you might try to get smart and do something about it. You might get brave enough to even report them to a higher authority and get their whole operation shut down.

Well who is a higher authority than the United States? The United Nations, that's who! Blacks need to find a way to strike back, because I'm telling you, it is the White elite businessman who is pulling all the strings. He's the one who told them to run the extortion con on you. This is the racial class who is in charge, and they are the unseen hand ladies and gentlemen.

Today it is Ahmaud Arbery, yesterday it was Mike Brown, and Trayvon Martin. Before them it was Emmit Till. Tomorrow it could be you.

The United States is a constitutional government founded by the White elite businessmen; and the fact of the matter is, it has always been illegal to be Black in America. Your Blackness alone is a criminal offense in this country.

Therefore, it matters not if the Black man is the victim. It matters not, if the Black man is unarmed. It matters not, that this Black man was actually innocent of the crime which his murders accused him of. Because this victim, like the ones before him, will always be guilty of being Black!

The Black man's criminality is not a property crime, it is not even a violent crime. Yet, it is a crime so heinous to the White elite businessman that the bounty makes the Black man a wanted man. And he is being hunted not just by federal marshals, or local law enforcement. The Black man is also being hunted by bounty hunters and vigilantes. Yes, as long as this system is allowed to exist. The Black man will find himself in violation of the law for no other reason than his very existence. He will always be a wanted man, a man who is wanted - dead or alive.

Therefore, the White man needs no justification to murder us in the streets. Because those who control the system have given him all the authority he needs.

During the last time the bully roughed us up, the negotiator told us that body cameras would deter this type of treatment. Because you were petrified, you believed those who mainstream media put in front of their cameras. Since the press endorsed them by giving them air time you trusted them.


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