"Steal goods and you go to prsion.,Steal land and you become a King" - Japanese Proverb

The D.N.A. make up of this country has always been entrapment from slavery to prison to well fair. We have been programmed to think that we are all free and that the white man cees the black man as his equal.. We have fell into the trap of being powerless and simple minded expecting nothing out of this world but what the devil gives us. We don't fight and kill the white man over political freedom or economic decline or cultural decay or the imprisonment of our people.We don't fight to solve the problem of the people under oppression.. We fight to be accepted in a land that was meant for us to rise above.. There can be no peace between a world of savagery and one of righteousness.. How can the black man show and prove his power as being God if he keeps falling victim to the devil civilization? They got our families looking to the white man for bread, clothing, and a home.. We must wake up educate our selves to know that your brother is not your enemy, he is in the same struggle you are. We must wake up the understanding that you can't blame everyone for your lack of ambition or drive we must see the beauty in the struggle.. what you find inside your self is a worth that has no limitations. We all have one common enemy the ones who have stripped us of our culture beat and imprison our fathers, killed our brother, rapped our mothers, trapped our children placed us in poverty and made us fall in love with eating the wrong foods.. its crazy how numb the black community has become when murder lives at our front door hidden in forms of social media and miseducation... into we change the quality of minds thats around us their paths are already determined.. looking out from behind these walls who is more qualified to teach then us.? This just ain't no prison talk... I've found more fathers, brothers, leaders,and family behind these walls then on the street. We must stop to listen to the voices of the forgotten black man stop judging him for his faults and listen to his struggle beauty is in the growth of over coming. As a people we got to stop living in the lies and fake reality that everything is going to be alright. Truth is the only thing that has the power to pull us from the hell we so call love. Its our turn to show and prove the determined idea of God to build a kingdom where our baby's have a chance at Justice in this unjust world. its on our shoulders as wise Blackman and BlaxkWoman to give a new meaning to life. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future- Oscar Wilde- only we as a people can dream such things and only we as a people can bring forth such change. We define our own conditions it is better to die on your feet then to live on your knees -Mikhail Bakunin- with that I'm peace Lord. By; Samuel Porter


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