George Floyd was murdered by four police officers on May 25, 2020 and the world watched as Black America took to the streets in protest and burned the commercial sectors of major cities. The world watched as Black America said enough is enough and took matters into their own hands. The world watched as White America's brutality and hatred choked the breath out of another unarmed Black man. And the world watches as America's Criminal Justice System continues to run away from its responsibility to hold all four of those former police officers equally accountable for the role they each played in Mr. Floyd's death!

For six days straight, the world watched as peaceful protest turned violent. Images of protesters burning police cars and looting stores from coast to coast; they looted, spray painted and burned establishments on Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia; they looted, spray painted and burned high end merchant stores on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California. They threw rocks and firecrackers at law enforcement officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Atlanta, Georgia. The Black man in America is in the beginning stages of a rebellion, because his dissatisfaction with White oppression is pushing him to his breaking point.

We are beginning to wake up to the reality of our situation. We are beginning to understand that America will never change. The long suffering Black man and the ever hopeful Black woman are losing patience with this racist society and these riots are their way of fighting back.

It is because they have lost all faith in your legal system that they have taken to the streets and become violent. When the iron fist of oppression is the long arm of the law; and when it is you, who are on the receiving end. But there is no end in sight to this abuse and police brutality. When public servants are granted the authority to indiscriminately open fire at unarmed Black targets without fear of repercussions and treat our neighborhoods or communities as if they ordinary shooting ranges. I am not surprised to see the victim become bold enough to burn the chariots of the very army that keeps their community under siege. I am not surprised to see these people pick up the closes thing to them and throw rocks at the heads of their abusers.

The world is on the verge of making real change; lasting change. The word revolution means a complete change, and this is what Black people want. However, it is clear to me and many others watching, that it is Black leadership that is the most vocal opposition to Blacks fighting for this type of change. It is Black mayors, Black police chiefs, Black religious leaders, and Black political figures who are asking for calm and patience from the grieving Black community.

It is this same Black leadership that has the most to gain by maintaining the current system. But impoverished Black communities nationwide have come to realize that their years of compliance and accommodation have gotten them nowhere. The police are as much of a weaponized tool for White oppression today, as it was during the 1960's. And we are constantly reminded that in 2020 a mob of racist White men can murder an unarmed Black man in the streets as if we were living in 1920.

Black man in America, don't be afraid to destroy what needs to be destroyed, because you possess the skills and intellect to build something much greater! America is a nation of hypocrisy. Look at how this nation was founded. They teach us to glorify the Boston Tea Party and to view the members of the Continental Congress as heroes. But to the British empire these leaders of dissent were looters, vandals, and rebels. The Boston Tea Party was a riot where looters boarded merchant ships and destroyed merchandise! This is the history of how the White American nation began, and as I watched the riots for the past six nights, I wondered if the will of those dissatisfied Blacks would prevail, or in the end would they be swayed by the soothing promises of Black integrationist who wish to maintain and reform this current system instead of seeing Blacks separate and build their own?


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